As BSS Boldtech employees, we are a team consisting of experts in engineering, sales, production, quality and management.

As a team, we commit to comply with the conditions and to continuously improve the effectiveness of the quality management system. We are aware that the path to success passes through continuous improvement and the fulfillment of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 requirements of the integrated management system we apply. We are committed to meeting the environmental and local legal requirements of our country and the countries where we operate in. Therefore, we strive to identify, evaluate and minimize all possible risks for our employees, customers, close circle and shareholders.

We consider customer satisfaction as the most important goal and we keep this awareness together with our employees and suppliers. Moreover, 

our other sustainable goals are to make shipments on time, to predict a price policy in line with market requirements and to produce quality products.

We see our employees as the key to our success and constantly give them opportunities to improve and develop themselves.

We see our suppliers as business partners. Our goal is to improve our suppliers's quality level and make a cooperation based on mutual interest.

Our goal is to be perceived as a constantly developing company and to show that we are a fast and highly competitive organization whose strength cannot be ignored by our competitors.